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Daily Guest : Rencontre avec RASARIO

    Could you define the brand ?

    RASARIO is a brand that was created to remind every woman that except for different roles she has in her life – such as daughter, sister, wife, mother, her profession, she should always remember another one – being queen. We create dresses that help woman to feel the best that she can ever be. RASARIO is a tool for me to communicate my personal vision of beauty, elegance, class and charisma. I got inspired by women, they would never stop bring emotions to me. The most beautiful creatures in world whose power and manner are an engine for this planet. RASARIO is a brand bringing sophistication, class, sexiness together in their most graceful interpretations.

    How and when was born the brand ?

    Brand was created in my native land Abkhazia and then was moved to Moscow. Till today we have our HQ here. The major reference point and inspiration for fashion design have been deviated from an extraordinary beauty of Abkhazian women. Never in my life I saw so many gorgeous colors of nature, pure beauty. I think this is the main thing that influenced my perception of beauty.   

    Where did you get your inspirations ?

    I always answer to this question saying it’s women. I truly believe that  this world is created around and for women. I feel I should capture the beauty, details, extraordinary combinations, that could be natural for one particular women, sometimes I can get inspired by whole generations of women. I can get excited by eye color, voice pattern, gestures or an ingredient of a character. All this can charge me so I lock myself up in a studio to create a new design. Sometimes I get inspired by a person’s story or background. One of my collection was dedicated to the Indian painter…

    “Amrita Sher-Gil – her biography is just mind blowing so I decide to express my feelings in a collection. Thus, I also got interested by Nicholas Roerich’s life story and story of his family – it led to another collection.” 

    Who is the RASARIO woman ?

    RASARIO woman – is every woman in the world that does not forget how can she be gorgeous (especially if she picks a right dress). I love women with a character, feminine manners, nature, charisma and what is the most important – class. I see RASARIO’s woman as a very beautiful, strong personality who truly admires herself and life in general. 

    Do you have a brand philosophy? If yes, which one ?

    We create fabulous reality that rises above everyday life. RASARIO allows woman to become the best version of herself.  Every woman has incredible power, the magic of female beauty & charisma, – RASARIO glorifies these qualities in every woman.

    What is the DNA of RASARIO? For you, what makes the brand unique ?

    Feminity & elegant sexuality are in the center of DNA. I think that we have pretty alternative vision of eveningwear and this is what really makes us unique. Form, construction (design), color or fabrics combinations. We create items that make woman’s body shapes beautiful, we always considering comfort as woman chooses RASARIO for a very special occasion. RASARIO looks are distinguishable, they are significant, our style is loved and understood by women across the globe. We receive a huge feedback from all over the world – women say they now can easily recognize a star’s red carpet dress as RASARIO even before looking onto the credits. We create elegant and moderate sexiness.

    Do you have iconic samples of the house ?

    Our iconic style is a bustier dress. It has dozens of interpretations, but it is a RASARIO bustier dress you can’t misrecognize. It is not only about the unique fit but also about a special corset construction made as second skin. Since recently we have another iconic dress – white gown with a huge bow on the back. Thanks to Candice Swanepoel’s appearance it got a worldwide feedback and now named as «Candice» dress by our clients. I think I can say that dresses with bows are our core products as well. I am so happy with that couse I truly think that every woman in the world is a gift. A gift of fate for herself and her family.