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Qui est Ksenia Schnaider

    The Daily Deb est un lieu de rencontre ou je vous fait découvrir de nouveaux talents. A la recherche de jeunes créateurs et de marques étrangères c’est en Ukraine que je vous conseille d’ouvrir les yeux. Repérée sur le digital j’ai contacté Ksenia pour la rencontrer et en savoir un peu plus sur elle. Découvrez qui est Ksenia Schnaider.

    Son célèbre “sample not for sale” et son jean trompe l’oeil sont deux piliers de ses collections. Revisités de saison en saison ils sont l’ADN de Ksenia Schnaider. Adorée des “street styleuses” et des sites de ventes online comme moda operandi, matchesfashion et bien d’autres, elle fait parler d’elle et c’est une des marques du moment à suivre de près.

    Pour vous je l’ai interviewé, c’est à vous de découvrir qui  elle est.

    – How old is your brand Ksenia S and what is its story?

    Our brand is about 7 years now. Like my daughter Zoe. We did our debut collection with my husband Anton when I was pregnant, but at that time he was not my business partner. He worked at his graphic design studio SILA and he just supported me when I needed. And every new collection Anton was getting involved into the brand and production more and more. Now he quit his job at Yandex Company and work with me as a creative director and business manager. We do everything hand in hand and control each step in our small company.

    – Where do you get your main inspiration?

    Being at the studio and working is very inspiring for me. I love to do raw fittings, when from one blouse I can create a dress or a suit with new silhouette. We found the inspiration in the clothes itself. We wanted to experiment with classic pieces and give them another life. In the process of making the collection, I always try every single garment on to analyze how it fits, how comfortable it is, and what else I can do with its form.

    –  Is there a Ksenia style, how do you qualify?

    I would call it “effortless cool”. Ksenia Schnaider woman has a lot on her to-do list, but she wants to look stylish anyway. However, she does not want to give up comfort for the sake of fashion.

    – What makes you different from other houses?

    We are honest with ourselves and honest in what we do. We can explain our design in very simple words.

    – Who wears your brand?

     You, of course! And a lot of cool girls around the globe. To name a few – Eva Chen, Bella Hadid, Loulou De Saison, Zanita Whittington, Sonya Esman, Jamala, Daria Shapovalova, Alana Hadid, Linda Tol…

    – Is there a flagship piece to help you make yourself known?

    Demi-denims, of course! It is our carry-over bestseller since 2016 (when the first pair was made).

    – It looks like denim is part of your DNA? How could you explain it?

    I have wanted to work with denim for ages, but I hesitated because I could not find a right production company in Ukraine. To be honest, we are the first fashion house in Ukraine who started working with denim, we were pioneers in that field here. While working with denim, I realized how excited I was to discover the possibilities of this particular fabric, my fantasy is unstoppable in this way.

    – Now let’s focus on the new designer from East Of Europe, it seems they are huge and very creative. According to you what can explain their success in 2017?

    I think our main advantage is that we do not know here about principles and rules of world`s fashion industry, we do not have proper education and knowlege and that is why we do not see any boundaries. We are brave and experimental, also we are very hardworking and friendly. Our designers community always share some tips, contacts with each other, we support each other as we know that together we are stronger. Ukraininan fashion indusrty is young (our oldest designer is probably 35 years old, not like in France at all) and it has drive and passione.

    – How does your brand embody a renaissance of fashion in Eastern Europe?

    We are the first and the only one denim brand in Eastern Europe. Our pieces are famous worldwide.  Also, in our collections we rethink Ukrainian national costumes and Soviet past. We get inspired by Eastern European history and transform it into prints and silhouettes.

    – Your ambitions for tomorrow?

    I want to enjoy working process and I want the same for my team. I want to build a strong company and grow. I want to explore denim more and continue to produce suistanable pieces and projects. I want to produce clothes that will make people happy.

    – A fashion tips to choose your denim?

    For me, the biggest one is re-worked denim. I think we will see more and more pieces made from vintage jeans. My favourive piece so far is Ksenia Schnaider blazer from SS18 collection made from 4 pairs of used jeans.

    – What are you planning for 2018?

    Now Ksenia Schnaider’s clothing is sold in more than 40 stores around the world. This is our greatest achievement and I really want to keep good sales and good relationships with our partners and buyers. We are planing some big events with some of our stores (in USA and in Japan) and also we are thinking about our first show during PFW.

    Ksenia Schnaider IN BRIEF:

    In the office you are rather:

    – Filing cabinet or rags? Something in the middle.

    – Morning or evening? The earlisest morning!

    – Assistant or Personal? Personal.

    In Paris:

    – Left Bank or Right Bank? Right Bank in Paris, Left Bank in Kiev.

    – Croissant or buttered toast? 1,5 Croissant for breakfast

    – Colette or Merci? Colette.

    – Airbnb or Hotel? Airbnb.

    On the Net:

    – Instagram or Facebook? Instagram.

    – Snapshat or instastories? Both!

    – With or without filters? Without!

    – Moda operandi or stylebob? Both!

    As a designer:

    – Kiev or Moscow? Kiev for sure.

    – Sample for sale or not for sale? Sample not for sale.

    – Avocado toast or acai bowl? Avocado toast.

    – Alexa chung or Diane Keaton? Both.

    – Cherry or pineapple? Pineapple.